Terms & Conditions

MPOLYGLOT, Plot No. B-7, 2nd Floor Main Road, Opposite Metro Pillar No - 786, Patel Garden, Dwarka Mor, New Delhi, Delhi 110059. ("MPOLYGLOT") specializes in machine translation. It runs the online service MPOLYGLOT.com. You can find everything you need to know about MPOLYGLOT, on our website or our Help center before you order. A customer wants to use MPOLYGLOT's translation services. They want to use them in their own software products and/or for other business or private purposes. Customer is granted access to the subscribed MPOLYGLOT Pro Products. This is to allow Customer to use the services. Access is in line with and subject to these Terms and Conditions. The MPOLYGLOT Pro License Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions") are available at (Link of website). Customer can download and print them. MPOLYGLOT does not save this agreement text after conclusion of the contract.

"Agreement" is the deal between Customer and MPOLYGLOT. It is about subscribing to and using MPOLYGLOT’s Products under these Terms.
API refers to the Application Programming Interface. MPOLYGLOT provides it to the Customer as set out in the Service Specification and the Documentation it provides.
1.3 "API-CAT-Key” refers to a special license key to connect computer-assisted-translation tools to the API.
1.4 “API Response” refers to the API’s response to API Requests.
1.5 “API Request” refers to an HTTP request transmitted by the Application to the API.
1.6 “Application” refers to the software or service developed by or on behalf of Customer which utilizes the API.
1.7 “Business Days” are Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays in India (where MPOLYGLOT is based).
1.8 “Characters” means individual characters of the Content.
1.9 “Content” refers to text sent by Customer to the API or the MPOLYGLOT Pro Translator. The text is as specified in the Service Specification. It is sent in order to have it processed by the machine translation infrastructure operated by MPOLYGLOT.
1.10 "Customer" refers to the person or entity ordering or subscribing to MPOLYGLOT's Products or services. The Customer is the contracting party of MPOLYGLOT. If you place the order in a business capacity, the entity you work for will be the Customer.
1.11 “Customer Training Data” refers to bilingual terms, example documents, and similar texts. The Customer submits them to the API and/or the MPOLYGLOT Pro Translator. They do this to improve the translations made by MPOLYGLOT for them. The texts could be monolingual or bilingual. They could include glossaries. More about using Customer Training Data may be in the Service Specification or an addendum to these Terms and Conditions. This is if the features for using Customer Training Data are available.
1.12 “MPOLYGLOT Pro Translator” is an extended version of the MPOLYGLOT translator. It gives Customer different front ends (e.g., a website and desktop application). They use them to access the translation services in the Service Specification.
Documentation is an electronic record. It lists the requirements and features of the API. It is given to the Customer in English.
1.14 “End Users” refers to the users of Customer’s Application.
1.15 “Internal Users” are the Customer’s users of the Products for the Customer’s internal purposes. They can be the Customer’s employees or employees of related companies. Related companies are those the Customer controls by owning at least 50% of the voting power. Or, they are companies that a party owning at least 50% of the voting power in the Customer controls. They can also be freelance collaborators or the Customer’s service providers.
1.16 “Number of Characters” refers to the number of characters of the Content transmitted to the API based on the used character encoding. For the avoidance of doubt, multi-byte encoded characters shall count as single character.
1.17The "Order Button" is the button in the online ordering process. It is clearly marked to finalize the ordering process. It might have the inscription "Buy now", or similar.
1.18 “Processed Content” refers to any Content that has been processed using the API or the MPOLYGLOT Pro Translator.
1.19 “Products” refers to the entirety of the services offered by MPOLYGLOT, excluding Test Functions.
1.20 “Service Specification” refers to the list of features and details. It's for the API, the MPOLYGLOT Pro Translator, and the Customer Training Data. These are the features agreed upon conclusion of this Agreement.
1.21 “Single-User License” refers to a license to use a Product by one person. The same person can use the access credentials on multiple devices. They must meet the Service Specification. The use of a Single-User License is only allowed and possible on one device at a time. If customers want to use the Product with multiple people at once, they must buy a team license or multiple Single-User Licenses.
1.22. The "Subscription Term" is the length of the subscription to the Products. It is based on the period(s) the Customer chose during online ordering.
1.23 “Third-Party Applications” are apps. They are made by third parties. They can be components, libraries, plugins, or other software. They let Customer use or access the Products, for example, translation plugins. Customer has to use their API credentials for these plugins.

Subject of the Agreement
Customer has access to the subscribed Products. This access is subject to these Terms and Conditions and the Service Specification. This follows the Service Specification and the Documentation. It is true during the Subscription Term.
2.2 MPOLYGLOT gives access to the subscribed Products. In return, Customer will pay the agreed charges. These charges are shown during the online purchase process or in the order form during the Subscription Term.

Free Trial Subscription
3.1 MPOLYGLOT may provide Customer with a free trial subscription for selected Products at its own discretion.
3.2 After the free trial period, the free trial subscription is automatically extended to a paid subscription to the Product selected by the Customer. The free trial subscription can be terminated at any time during its term by MPOLYGLOT or Customer. In the event that MPOLYGLOT or Customer prematurely terminates the free trial subscription, the free trial subscription is not continued as a paid subscription.

Copyright and Intellectual Property
4.1 MPOLYGLOT grants Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub licensable worldwide right to use and allow its Internal Users to use the Products for its internal purposes for the Subscription Term and within the scope of this Agreement, subject to the authorized number of Internal Users for which Customer has paid MPOLYGLOT. 4.2 MPOLYGLOT grants Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub licensable worldwide right to use the provided Documentation and support materials for the Subscription Term and within the scope of this Agreement, in particular, to reproduce them and provide them to Internal Users to the extent required for the intended use of the Products. 4.3 MPOLYGLOT grants Customer a non-exclusive right to use the provided Code Samples for educational and internal development purposes without restriction in regard to time or location, in particular to reproduce the Code Samples and provide them to Internal Users, to modify and create derivative works of the Code Samples and to use, sub-license or distribute such derivative works without limitation. 4.4 All rights regarding the Content, Processed Content and/or Customer Training Data remain with Customer. However, Customer grants MPOLYGLOT the non-exclusive worldwide right to use the Content, Processed Content and/or Customer Training Data solely in order to provide MPOLYGLOT’s services to Customer. In particular, Customer grants to MPOLYGLOT the right to temporarily store, modify, process, translate and transmit the Content, Processed Content and/or Customer Training Data, and to sublicense the foregoing rights to its subcontractors, to the extent required to provide the services set out in this Agreement. 4.5 MPOLYGLOT does not assume any copyrights to the translations made by Customer using the Products. In the event that the translations made by Customer using the Products are deemed to be protected under copyright laws to the benefit of MPOLYGLOT, MPOLYGLOT hereby assigns to Customer, upon creation of such translations, all intellectual property rights that may accrue to MPOLYGLOT in such translations without limitation and for any existing or future types of use, including without limitation the right to modify the translations and to create derivative works.